Even if you didn’t purchase your unit from Cellgen Inc. directly, we can still attend to and maintain your unit.  With several comprehensive service contract options, we can service a natural gas, diesel or propane unit.  Whether it is air cooled or liquid cooled.  Whether it is portable or standby.  You choose which plan suits your needs and your equipment’s design.  The agreement is designed for the purpose of maintaining your unit in the best possible operating conditions in order to minimize the necessity of emergency service and maximize the longevity of your unit.  The program for the contract is based on a thorough review of your generator from top to bottom governed by a point checklist which is closely followed to ensure your equipment is completely reviewed.

 Cellgen Inc. provides maintenance such as oil changes, tune ups, thorough cleanings and replacement parts.  

Cellgen Inc. provides diagnostic analysis and repair services and is an authorized warranty center for Kohler, Generac and MTU.  Cellgen Inc. provides rentals and distribution as well.